sparkz 26.1.2004.01:28
1.When I will grow up and when I will grow down?
ultima rola 26.1.2004.20:51
So many question. Are you child or just mad? Confused? Of what?
sparkl 27.1.2004.00:46
...of what is what...?
spark 27.1.2004.01:01
I am a child like everybody else....nature§s childs....my question is when people can say that...hey I am grown up...?
smarkl 27.1.2004.01:02
why I always talk about myself?
springl 27.1.2004.01:03
why I like to put myself so many questions?
smartl 27.1.2004.01:09
mmmmmmm....confusion...is this life confusing for everybody sometimes?distortion?subjectivity?madness?not enough empaty?not enough understanding...
... 27.1.2004.01:15
am I too agressive?
sharky 28.1.2004.23:58
why people use imagination for ugly creations?
sharky 28.1.2004.23:59
Is there somebody realy interested in talking about anything and everything?
sharky 29.1.2004.00:00
Are you affraid to show your selvs like you really are?
ultima rola 29.1.2004.15:16
Can you imagine that someones self is quiet and peacefull?
sharky 30.1.2004.00:29
ultima rola 30.1.2004.00:40
nice boy :-)
ultima rola 30.1.2004.00:41
How do you feel, when you imagine this peacefull man?
sharky 30.1.2004.14:51
are you that peacefull man?peacefull can be too peacefull if it's just peacefull...where is the revolution?
ultima rola 30.1.2004.17:16
revolution means noise?
sharky 30.1.2004.20:27
some kind of noise but not necesserely noisy...because it might be somwhere inside and nobody can hear it...
shparkz 31.1.2004.00:36
Am I right or wrong....or I am right as much as I am wrong?(about all...about everything)
sharkz 31.1.2004.00:39
How can I know for sure?
sharks 31.1.2004.00:40
this is not a story about me...it a story about questions...
6 31.1.2004.21:59
only u know when u grow up and down, for me, i don't care!!
7 1.2.2004.00:34
8 1.2.2004.00:36
Whow come some people almost never really smile?
11 2.2.2004.17:39
we are the champions?....of the world?
12 2.2.2004.17:39
encyclpoedia of questions
ultima vola 3.2.2004.19:55
?what better way to enjoy life there is than spending time with good old buddy...nature
o 5.2.2004.20:20
Why people have to comunicate?Why?Why anybody should bother?
+ 7.2.2004.20:22
I wanna know have you ever seen the rain?or the moon?or the air?...like to realy feel they are wonders of the world?
plus 9.2.2004.17:40
Isn't it hard to change?
so... 10.2.2004.20:23
shaggie 10.2.2004.20:24
nobody gives a damn about these stories!
sharky 10.2.2004.20:25
lots of name means lots of people?...noooo
Sylvia 12.2.2004.15:47
Why so many questions here?
sharky 12.2.2004.18:53
sylvia2 13.2.2004.16:22
our interiour structure is made of questions...some of them are the same for all of us but some make the diffrence...what happens when you run out of questions?...that there is no question about anything...is this some porpouse in life?...like when the questions are finished you have found your peace and you can lay down and die...life it's self is a question...or not?!
s 15.2.2004.10:21
are you out of lines or you don't like to talk about every subject only some?
az 15.2.2004.10:22
questions are very tricky
sharky 15.2.2004.10:23
How can you describe questions?
sharky 15.2.2004.10:25
When people have no questions about something anything...then I start to wonder
miu 20.3.2004.09:17
every question contains answer in itself every question is expression of searching spirit is there some other way to get an answer than to ask searching spirit?