Cristina Cosma14.12.2003.22:36 It§s just nothing here anymore
Cristina Cosma14.12.2003.22:42 It use to be like that but now when I can see it grow I feel the power of some kind of begining...wake up?...he he"re in the real world...How do you know?I felt asleep.I aranged first the space:I tried to make it mine.And I dreamed again that I was searching I don"t know what treasure under the floor of my room.
Cristina Cosma14.12.2003.23:01 Under the floor there was this path which lead to other rooms:everything was under this normal obvious ordinary house.The hidden space felt like a cave where we were feeling strangers.We were hiding because we were afraid of the possible creatures that might appear....because we entered some interdicted area.It wasn§t written anywere but we felt it.
Cristina Cosma15.12.2003.13:43 I go two or three or four....or maybe more ways in the same time...
Cristina Cosma15.12.2003.13:44 I need it all
Cristina Cosma15.12.2003.13:44 I
karkulka15.12.2003.13:46 is there anybody therrrreeeee????.................I love this box
undercover15.12.2003.13:47 >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
karkulka15.12.2003.15:17 of trees...lines...graphic...2D...the wave is made up of energy traveling through the water...the energy travels through water in shape of wave
karkulka15.12.2003.15:18 ROMANIA
karkulka15.12.2003.15:19 fragile precious space
karkulka15.12.2003.15:31 hess) ascunde?...unde?...frica micului shoarece....frizura...lumina...sistem...functie?...disfunctie...forma...aer...spatiu... PEOPLE...FEAR...INTERNET...ILLUSION...ME....TIME...CHESS...MOUVEMENT...DECISION...DEFINE...CONFUSION...DILLUSION...VITAMINES...SOUND...AAAAA...FEAR...IS HIDDING?..WHERE?...THE RATS BIG FEAR...HAIRCUT...LIGHT....SYSTEM...FUNCTION?...DISFUNCTION...SHAPE...AIR...SPACE
El magdalen15.12.2003.18:06 OH NO!, how long we will sit in this dark cold space? We have to move somewhere. Lets make a decision - choose some direction and follow it. I am sure we have to follow that small river - or what is it?? Is it fresh river or is this water comming from someones toilet? It doesnt smell bad. I guess we can drink it, its healthy! - we must drink, or we die, you know?! Lets drink a lot .... ( I started drinking first )
cristina16.12.2003.18:58 and then I felt like myself after three weeks...finally
cristina16.12.2003.19:01 can love dry....?because we don't take care enough of it...?I am disturbed SILENCE!
El magdalen17.12.2003.10:42 (silence:) - we can hear just water-drops folling down to the water and our hearts-beating.
cristina17.12.2003.15:50 I\m right here....behind my limits
cristina17.12.2003.15:59 ...prisonners of our smile today...nobody is guest...nobody is host...CHICKEN!!!weak chicken...sad...
cristina18.12.2003.12:18 I'm tired...where am I hadding to? And if I'm feeling tiered where should I rest?...home?... I will become a beggar for human energy
cristina18.12.2003.12:45 don't drink too much computers's baaadd
cristina18.12.2003.18:53 SMOKE IN A GLASS BALL
cristina18.12.2003.19:07 everywhere we go we are the same....I feel miserably good...but I'm affraid that when I go down with the elevator I w..........................aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa the same number of the floor it's never going to stop repeting but then I say...hey!
cristina19.12.2003.20:42 energy
El Magdalen21.12.2003.23:49 I can send you some enegry by e-mail: 110010100110101000100000011001010111010110100110... Eat it all. Elevator is dangerous, teleport is more safety. Use it. Use teleport to XM level Nr.22/311, walk to the end of corridor and knock on the last left door. Wait patiently.
El Magdalen30.12.2003.19:45 .. someone is also waiting somewhere behind that door, with great patience ..
El Magdalen3.1.2004.20:23 ...
El Magdalen3.1.2004.20:24 ... with great ... patience ... thousands years ...
El Magdalen5.1.2004.11:25 I need to go PIPI (toilette) ... see you later
sharky7.1.2004.16:07 we all need to go to PIPI and's true...
cristina7.1.2004.16:11 I think this introduction is to big...we sould start writing some novel... what do I think....what do you think about?
easy cripton7.1.2004.17:31 its good idea to strart novell,why it doesnt start from the begining? What about ONE SENTENCE CHAPTERS ? next sentence is chapter No.1!
Rudolph7.1.2004.17:34 I was on the beach, lieing on the sand, with closed eyes thinking about nothing special.
sharky8.1.2004.15:17 UAAUUU....ME TOO
sharky8.1.2004.15:22 I am dreaming of my life all the time...the last dream was in the middle of the day and i was wondering if there would be any possibility to trick my mind so there will be no more madness....about special things.I am searching for that freedom wich I don't give to myself sometimes....lay on the sand with closed eyes thinking of nothing special
sharky8.1.2004.15:24 I have this red ping pong ball in my pocket which always makes me feel good
sharky8.1.2004.15:29 Sometimes a black ping pong is messing up my mind...I try to catch it but it's useless
sharky8.1.2004.15:35 I have this red ping pong ball in my pocket which always makes me feel good
shark8.1.2004.18:46 I realised that I don't know myself too well...I thought I was a good person but I am like poison...mean...deep\s very deep....and I didn't knew that it can be that strong....because today it got out...very powerfull...and I am sorry now...but it's too late...I'm afraid of it because it might strike again....I am mean.MEAN!
...8.1.2004.18:47 this is really a serious problem
sharkz9.1.2004.22:03 shower is the best waz to beacome a better person
sharkz9.1.2004.22:05 we have to be carefull to always remind ourselfs who and where we really are with cold heart
sharky9.1.2004.22:12 I dreamed I was late from the dieing meeting...there where all the people should have died all at once and all together.I forgot about that and went for a walk.When I remembered about this easy death I was far away from the place where should have happend and there was no way to get in time for that.So I was condamed to a slow tortured dieing alone.
sharkz9.1.2004.22:13 we have to be carefull to always remind ourselfs who and where we really are with cold heart
sharkz9.1.2004.22:13 shower is the best waz to beacome a better person
sharky14.1.2004.20:59 Is there anybody out there?Hey!Don't think too much!Is there something stock on the way?What's going to be next? we will feel on the last day of our life? in this stupid today?I think we should start living our lives!
sharky14.1.2004.21:01 Are you talking to meee....nea nea nea nea nea en neeenaneaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
sharky14.1.2004.21:14 END>>>ONE MAN SHOW!>>>FIN>>>FINITO!
sharky14.1.2004.21:15 Are you talking to meee....nea nea nea nea nea en neeenaneaaa!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!
sharky14.1.2004.21:15 Is there anybody out there?Hey!Don't think too much!Is there something stock on the way?What's going to be next? we will feel on the last day of our life? in this stupid today?I think we should start living our lives!
sharky14.1.2004.21:17 this machine is like a parrot repeting everything I say
sharky14.1.2004.21:17 EASY?
sharky14.1.2004.21:18 this machine is like a parrot repeting everything I say
sharky16.1.2004.22:08 feel very lasy.I know this state of feelings will soon go away cause it's unreal or to realIwanna see how much I can talk about nothing and anything or everything ...this is a special moment...please...I am here in this paralel world...I know that somewhere time is passing really fast.Should this make me feel stressed?what will make me move again...virtual space...all this beautifull world is there unseen untouched.........why we chose this way?why anybody would chose this way................................................ because maybe they cannot action in diffrent way......what is shure???????do you feel secure...move...relax don't move please I am talking nonsense do you want to here some more?do you want to know how I feel after one day in prisone? I feel like breaking the walls!But I am not going to do that because it's not write to do such thing...people need this wall......................why?
sharky19.1.2004.22:39 PAVELP?
sharky20.1.2004.15:39 EL MAGDALEN?
sharky20.1.2004.15:42 black and white,cross,silence,three crosses in one,non mouvement,fine mouvement very fine,light was hiding it was not enough...only stairs going up for sure
sharky20.1.2004.15:44 EL MAGDALEN?
sharky20.1.2004.22:08 I got into a wrong tram again ...wakeing up was quite slow.I realised some things were more expensive parfumes but cheep smell of medical alcool...some strange looking people tierd some kind of madness on their faces....shine another glass make the hours pass...working a cheep is not just what we see everyday....we are protected from other side from life...les is not so easy not so full of light and clean spaces...ön the other side of the border things are rough.
darky22.1.2004.11:43 "It's not about the place it's about the people"
sharky22.1.2004.11:53 "Strong people do strong things"
sharky22.1.2004.11:54 .....Mircea said
sharky22.1.2004.12:00 "Strong people do strong things"
sharky27.1.2004.00:45 organic world
sharky30.1.2004.00:26 we are transforming ourselves all the time and we will until the end...the most important thing is not to forget that present is the freshest moment of our lives.
Rudolph30.1.2004.00:47 "present time" is very old and it was done. Future is old also. Also infinity is not fresh. Its old-fashioned. Something fresh you can maybie find behind infinity - behind the end of infinity.
sharky30.1.2004.14:35 We don't own anything from this world we just borrow.. for a while cause when we will die we will be naked
sharky30.1.2004.14:53 >>>>>>so this means we will be fresh only when we will die?
sharky31.1.2004.00:33 I feel that I am brutal sometimes...and I can§t do to much about it...maybe I am like that cause I am still a wonded animal
sharkz31.1.2004.11:00 definition....finishion
crispinka2.2.2004.21:41 FISH - SHISHION
sharky3.2.2004.20:04 Sure...I am impatient...agitated...but this happens the most when nothing happens around me.It§s great to see the world moving spinning around with high speed.But who is spinning it?!I think art is not only "in our head"it,s just somwhere out there and you gotta go and start search for it cause it.s waiting...and waiting ..."behind that door you are not oppening because you imagine there.s nothing behind it.This is virtual and everything it§s possible and in the same time impossible...but you will never know for sure until you throw yourself out into the unknown...and that§s the tastefull thing in§s delicious.
sharky5.2.2004.01:18 the sweet magic be continued
delta7.2.2004.20:24 walking in nature...escaping
x7.2.2004.20:25 what about it?
delta7.2.2004.20:26 walking in nature...escaping
plus9.2.2004.17:43 walking alone on a open surface...large and that looks like sky.You cannot really realise when everything is turning upsidedown.
delta9.2.2004.17:45 you have to be alone to feel that?
plus9.2.2004.17:45 ahaaammm
delta9.2.2004.17:45 you have to be alone to feel that?
sun10.2.2004.20:21 WHAT AN EMPTY SPACE AND SILENCE.....
sharky15.2.2004.10:28 I thought that writing in this ROMAN TEXT BOX will have some interaction or something...cause then...why the fuck I share my ideeas?I will step out of this EASY NOVEL if nobody gives a fuck about it
well known man17.2.2004.00:04 noone can write here, only you and me. I dont write anymore, bye bye, I fly to India ...
sharky17.2.2004.14:57 is this novel going to end or just begin?If you will not write anymore maybe somebody from ROMANIA will and maybe this novel will really be about Romania or romanian spirit.
sharky17.2.2004.14:58 I will come to visit you before you go
sharky18.2.2004.13:26 but you left allready
sharky19.2.2004.18:22 dialog with my self
sharky21.3.2004.12:49 it was just a little break but I am back in very short time.I am now right there or here in Romania
cristina6.7.2004.11:47 Haloha prazak!Jak se mas?I am happy this site is alive again.Hope I'll be better this time...
El Magdalen25.7.2004.03:29 I am happy too, I wanted to stop this strange novell, but I wellcome your power to continue. Very hard work here. Where we stopped? Where is the story lost? Lets find it and bring it back. Just for short moment if not for ever. I hope it can give us something important ..