few notes about streets in Bucuresti (summer 2006)

My first idea was to bring something living into public space, just something non-agressive, to make the street-place more comfortible and peacefull - as a garden. I tryed to move green plants from old destroyed building to outside space. Plants (trees, bushes...) wants to grow by them selves, they are not pushed to grow in the town, but people are usually cutting them and replacing them by cars. When cars are dominating on the streets, people are escaping, walking faster and doesnt feel comfortible, also the noise and polution is killing comfortible feeling. I believe, that every place has its own energy for recovering (refresh) it self, we just have to respect it and help to this energy, no need expensive rebuilding. The old house, where I found many of growing plants, is used by local people as "public WC". People are showing what they need. If they need toilet, dont build there a restaurant. Its nonsense, which kill the real necesary comfort of the street. I wanted to use water just to keep the street wet. Specially during summer hot days. I imagined walking people in hot day, feeling comfort of temporary wet air. No need to pay, no need to listen to someone, just possibility to stop walking and refresh your self - wet street in hot day is some kind of special moment, pleasure. I couldnt find enough water to realize this idea. But my friend (Veronika Vlkova) washed feets of street children by fresh water. They found it funny, ofcourse. Anyway, some kind of happines was present.

I tryed to sing a picture-songs on the street, but I think it was not lucky idea. People had to stop and listen (watch) to understand its meaning and I think its some kind of "violence" to push people to do something (ofcourse they could freely choose to stay and listen, but ...). I believe, that in this "age of agressivity" is better to find some peacefull way, how to refresh the space. Something to make people feel, that they dont have to do something, just feel comfortible and safe. Safe of cars, possibility to sitdown (not only in streets restaurants), possibility to use free toilette. Free drinking water is also common in lucky cities. Can it all be done by artists? No, its on politics, but "artists" can show this possibility by temporary "performance" - game of lucky street.

(sorry for my stupid english)
pavel magda prazak - czech republic