M.A. Pavel Pražák (*1978)
alias Mae Sara, mae@maesara.cz
⇛⇛⇛ recent works

Artist Statement

Main movement for creating has to come from inner excitement.

If people starts to follow genuine excitement, the World will become truly exciting place. I focus on that source of creative energy – the "Highest Excitement" – and follow it. Artists have big power of sharing and can possitively affect other people's state of mind. It is important to keep asking ones self "WHY am I doing that? Do I find it exciting or I just decided to do that for other reason?". Doing things without true excitement produce emptiness. Well, I don't say that emptiness is something bad, I love empty spaces ... but I love them because I can fill them with my exciting energy of creativity. I feel as the one, who loves to fill the emptiness by content.


2009-2010 Palacký University Olomouc, Faculty of education, Department of art education
(unfinished postgradual studies, topic of research: "Joy in Art")

1999-2006 Faculty of Fine Arts (University of Technology), Brno, Czech republic
(1999-2001) Department of Performance art
(2001) Department of Intermedia (internship)
(2001-2002) Department of Environment
(2002) Internship on Academy of Fine Arts in Prague, Intermedia art department
(2004-2006) Department of Body Design (Body art)


2006 Start Point - Prize for european art graduates (http://www.startpointprize.eu)

Selected Publications

2017 "Srdce člověka" (The man's heart / Hito no kokoro), watercoloured story book

2015 "Koberec u prababičky" (Great-grandma's carpet), comics book

2003 "Aktivační funkce horizontální polohy pro sublimaci mysli do vědomí planety"
(Activating function of horizontal body position for connecting human consciousness to the planet Earth)

2002 "Bear, Shluk & Cuntbeard", comics&puzzle magazine

Career History & teaching

2006-2016 Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno University of Technology
– IT support
– 3D studio specialist for optical digitizing, service for galleries, museums and public
– Lessons&Workshops for students related to 3D digitizing.

1999-2016 Freelance activities:
Book publishing, DTP&graphic works, illustrations, video recording&cut, music composing&recording, website technologies (MySQL, PHP, CSS, JavaScript, HTML), "gong healing" performances, watercolours&comics workshops for kids.

2007-2008 National theatre Brno, opera "souffleur" (prompter)



Selected Exhibitions&Performances

2018 "Café ZA ROHEM", old jewish district in Boskovice, Czech Republic

Exposition of lighting pictures, sacred geometry watercolour prints and few "oldies" sewed works.

Conference "75 years of LSD in art and science", Ostrava-Landek, Czech republic

First exposition of "painting for darkness".

2017 "Hito no kokoro", Nadveře gallery, Brno - Kamenná kolonie, Czech Republic

Happening & exhibiton opening & publishing new story book "The man's heart" (Hito no kokoro)

2016 "The World needs those who don't fit", Café Hillywood, Austin Rd., Hong Kong

Exhibition with music performance showing chinese version of czech legendary song. Projection of cantonese version of comics stories from book "Great-granma carpet" in cooperation with HongKong's bookstore BookB.

"Hatefree art", DOX - Centre for Contemporary Arts, Prague, Czech republic

"HateFree", Oblastní galerie Vysočiny, Jihlava, Czech republic

"By aquarelle and thread", DDM Lužánky, Brno, Czech republic

Muzeum města Tišnova, Tišnov, Czech republic

Exhibition of sewed comics pictures. Opening performance with japanese poetry in cooperation with Ayano Sasaki.

2015 Café-gallery Verbena, Brno, Czech republic

"Gong-bath tour" 2015, Czech republic
(Brno, Kuřim, Blansko, Lednice, Ústí nad Labem, Veverská Bitýška...)

"Gong-bath" is experience of intensive flow of vibrations created by powerful gong. Sound of the instrument is partly beyond capability of human ears, but can be experienced through the body. It has power to change man's consciousness. People often share their experience of "feeling clean" after the "bath". During year 2015 I was invited to perform in various environments for different audience. Small meditation groups in quiet place or big crowd of people at train station. I offer this experience for art exhibition openings or cooperate with other artists.

2013 Gallery Doma, Kyjov, Czech republic

"Komixxx Project", Budapest, Hungary

2012 "Houby v Brně", Reduta gallery, Brno, Czech republic

2010 "Re-romantic 2", Galerie Šternberk, Šternberk, Czech republic

2009 "Advanced connections", Czech republic & France

Advanced experiences with "Earth connection". Conscious kissing the ground and implanting particular energy pattern to the places with interaction of heart. Results of this subtle works were shared, displayed in public.

"Art containers" performance festival, Prague, Czech republic

I used my knowleadge of "advanced connections" from nature and apply them for interactions with people. Hidden behind dark fabric I was placing kisses to hands of unknown passers-by.

"Re-romantic", Galerie TIC, Brno, Czech republic

2006 Street festival in Bucuresti, Romania

Performance with intention to bring live to the streets. In the centre of Bucuresti, with children from the street we entered ruins of abandoned houses, caferuly removed many of wild living plants and brought them to public spaces. We were doing music and watering the flowers. Some of czech songs were painted, translated to romanian language and performed for public.

"Start Point", Klenová - castle gallery, Czech republic

"ART-AL-BRUT", exhibition with Zdeněk Košek, Aula gallery, Faculty of Fine Arts, Brno, Czech republic

2005 "Miriam", theatre Komedie, Prague

Music, scenic works, presentation of art-work ("Consciousness shift") during theatre play.

"Vesmírný sbor" (Choral of Universe), composing/conducting/recording choral songs of amateur chanting group.

2004 Cafe Drushba, Institute of postvirtual reality, Harrachsthal, Austria

Festival der Weltkulturen, Dresden, Germany

2003 Dissolving ego-personality and boost conscious connection with the local environment

Performance – interaction with random people in old-town Brno, Czech republic. Main goal was to give a shot to EGO, dissolve it, become one with the anonymous street, to be lost in rubbish, disappear in forgoten subway-crossing. Later - become closer to environment, boost conscious connection with planet Earth, awake spirituality.

"Consciousness shift" performance, Třeboň, Czech republic

Performance was part of long-time research about conscious connection between human, surrounding environment and planet Earth. People could see the process of disappearing my ego-identity and interconnection of my body with dark cellar. My brochure about principles of "Consciousness shift" was distributed.

2002 "Video-Multimedia-Performance", studio of Tomáš Ruller 1992/2002
Gallery Medium, Academy of Fine Arts and Design, Bratislava, Slovakia

Life show of "Studio of Music" (independent part od performance department of Faculty of Fine Arts Brno). Performed with Jennifer de Felice and Matěj Kolář. Display of aquarelle comics paintings on canvas.

Galerie Kritiků, Palác Adria, Prague

Akademie fur Bildende Kunste, Mainz, Germany

2000 Gallery Na Skřivánku, Ústí nad Labem, Czech republic

Fire performance and exhibition of "fire paintings" created by explosions of safety matches. Presentation of ink-drawings collections: "Stones stories" and "Notes about other civilisations".

"Sewer", spiritual performance - living under city in sewer labyrinth. Brno, Czech republic

According to ancient rituals of entering deep caves and spending time in dark&solitude - I left the city and disappeared in sewer underground with few bottles of water and rice bread. My mystical experience of discovering "second city" and changes of consciusness was later published.

"Retirement houses tour"

During this music&theatre tour I have visited dozen of retirement houses and played songs for oldest generation living without families. I also invited other artists to cooperate, join the "orchestra", learn old melodies, play a theatre.